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Cotton Couture: Do You Know Your Kurta Sets and Dupattas Well?

Have you ever wondered whether there is one that has stood the test of time among the litany of fashion trends that have come and gone? There is, and it is the cotton fabric. A fabric that is loved and widely demanded across the spectrum, cotton fabric remained steadfast against the tides of change, thanks to its excellent characteristics. The allure of cotton is such that it makes you feel incredible with its breathability and breezy nature, unlike any other; cotton stands as the beacon of comfort. But what happens when we blend this fabric with the silhouettes of one of the most versatile pieces of traditional clothing? We are bestowed with the opportunity to wrap ourselves in the epitome of contemporary grace and elegance in the form of ethnic kurta sets. In this blog, we will understand the timeless appeal of cotton fabric and the types of kurta sets you can pair with dupattas to create a charming ensemble.

Timeless Appeal and Versatility

The sun is shining brightly and the heat is extreme, but as you sit in the outdoor setting of a wedding ceremony, you don’t feel as uncomfortable and miserable as others around you. The secret is that you chose a cotton outfit for the ceremony. Your cotton outfit’s unparalleled ability to keep you cool and comfortable in the scorching heat is why the cotton fabric is considered timeless and remarkable.

When talking about cotton kurti sets, these are the real gems in traditional clothing, seamlessly blending into casual and formal settings. They are lightweight and found in many designs and patterns.

From running errands to attending casual gatherings and formal events, a cotton kurta set with dupatta is the perfect choice for an ensemble. Whether a relaxed daytime look or a dazzling wedding outfit, these kurti sets transition from day to night, giving you the leverage to look stunning using smart accessorising, no matter what the occasion.

Creating the Dupatta Look

Among all the modern edits of the kurti set available today, a handful creates stunning looks when added with a dupatta. The dupatta makes the outfit modest, works as a classic accessory, and gives you an edge, compared to outfits without a dupatta. Some of these kurtis are:

The Anarkali

Anarkali kurtis are the front-runners in blending fashion with elegance and regality. With the flowy silhouette, the excellent craftsmanship, and the timeless allure that has captivated hearts since the Mughal reigns, the cotton Anarkali is your best bet to create an unforgettable ensemble. When added with a dupatta, the charm of these kurtas is truly unprecedented.

Where to wear:

Anarkali kurtis with dupattas are versatile, these can be worn as festive kurta sets, as well as formal attire for a work event or a business meeting, depending on its appearance. Since these are found in simple to heavily embellished types, you have many options.

How to Style:

Cotton Anarkali kurtis are stunning on their own, to style them for casual events, use statement jewellery, like a long neckpiece with a chunky pendant and a simple wristwatch, or contemporary but minimal earrings for a more formal event.

Straight Cut Kurti

If you adore Indian ethnic wear, you know the charm and simplicity that a straight-cut cotton kurti with a dupatta offers. These are sleek, have a simple and straight silhouette, and are available in enchanting hues and designs. When added to the modest vibes of the dupatta, these create the perfect ensemble for various events.

Where to wear:

Straight-cut kurtis with dupattas are usually very simple in design and are the best options for casual gatherings or professional settings when paired with the proper partners.

How to Style:

Pair a cotton kurti set with dupatta to jeans, palazzo, or cigarette pants to create casual and professional looks. Then, to create casual outfits, embrace statement jewellery like earrings or stacked bracelets, and for a professional outfit, use minimal jewellery like a simple pendant or stud earrings for a polished look.

Chikankari Kurti

There is a certain enchanting allure to hand-embroidered Chikankari cotton kurtis. Granting grace and sophistication to the wearer, a Chikankari kurti adds a touch of ethereal beauty to your wardrobe. When added to the beauty of a dupatta, they look even better in the most effortless ways.

Where to wear:

Chikankari cotton kurtis with dupattas, are the perfect choice for casual events. From daytime gatherings with friends to nighttime festive celebrations, these kurtis keep you comfortable through and through.

How to style:

Pair a vibrant Chikankari kurti and dupatta with jeans, statement earrings, and comfortable sandals for a day out with friends. Additionally, you can use metallic jewellery, layered necklaces, strappy heels, or leather sandals to create a fresh and chic look.

Colour Block Kurti

Colour block kurtis add a contemporary touch to your wardrobe. Best worn in cotton fabrics with dupattas, colour-blocked kurti sets with dupattas are the ultimate fashion statement you can make while still looking elegant and graceful.

Where to wear:

Cotton Chikankari kurta pajama for women along with dupattas, are very versatile, thus they can be worn to casual daytime events as well as to workplace settings.

How to style:

Coloured blocked kurtis are bold on their own, and added with a dupatta can create the complete look without many accessories. So add minimal jewellery, like stud earrings or simple pendants with heels, to create a sophisticated look.

Floor Length Kurti

An alternative to the Anarkali kurti, a floor-length kurti with a dupatta is another graceful and regal outfit for extra glamour and sophistication. Floor-length cotton kurtis with dupattas offer an excellent option for several occasions. Added to their transitional qualities, they can seamlessly go from daytime outfits to nighttime ones.

Where to wear:

From formal events like weddings and receptions to casual ones like evening gatherings and festivals, floor-length kurtis with dupattas are exquisite options to create a statement.

How to style:

Experiment with dupatta drapes to create a stunning look. Additionally, use statement jewellery like chandelier earrings or intricately designed necklaces for the ultimate grace.

At Kahva, we embrace the blend of traditions with modern contemporary styles and bring you a collection of kurti and kurti set online, unlike any other. From graceful Anarkalis to soft as-feather dupattas, each of our pieces is exquisitely crafted with the art of hand block printing on the finest cotton fabrics.