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The elegance of drapes: 5 tips to style your dupatta

Indian ethnic wear has a charm of its own. It’s celebratory, it’s unique, it’s regal. And an integral part of any form of ethnic wear are undoubtedly dupattas or chunni. When draped right, they can take your style game up by several notches; ignore the drape and it can have a not so pleasant effect on your entire look. However easy it sounds to style your dupatta, it is not as easy as it seems. There are many drapes to explore, there are many looks to adorn, but each needs to be paired with the right one. So how do you get it right and royal? Here are some tips from the House of Kahva, just for you:


For your anarkalis

Formal or celebratory occasions call for luxury, grace and a degree of plush to your attire. And if you are planning to keep it ethnic, what better choice than an anarkali. While the cut and flow of the anarkali needs to be on point, one thing you need to take care of is how your dupatta is draped. When it comes to anarkalis, classic drape is the one you should go for. Place the dupatta on your neck and let it fall on either side. It’s a simple one, but definitely one of the most charming ones too.


For your arms only

Good for the eyes is, when you place your dupatta on your arms on either side. This is one of the most traditional and royal drapes when it comes to styling your odhni right. This too works well with long flowing kurtis, especially when paired with shararas or a long skirt. If you are heading out for a wedding or a family occasion this is a drape that you can definitely try out. We promise you it’s going to add that finesse if you want to go with your personality, every time.


One’s the way to go

Who said dupattas need to always fall on the side? They can be as simple as draped on one side. Often referred to as a slide sling, this drape works well with any kind of kurti, for any occasion. If you are opting for a long kurti with churidar-look for your work or a brunch meet with friends, and are wondering how to place your dupatta, then this drape can work like a charm. Try it out.


The front facing one

This is one of the oldest yet finest drapes in the books. If you are looking at draping a fine cotton dupatta then we would recommend this one. Drape it your front and let it hang from both the sides. It will cover the front of your look. Semi translucent kota daria dupattas work the best for such drapes. This is a truly royal one, so when option for this drape you might want to complete your look with some pearls.


The scarf dupattas

If you want it to be a fusion look, then do try out a simple drape - doubling up your dupatta like a scarf. You can try the knotted drape, you can simply let it cover your nape and hang on the front, you can try the tie knot and any other innovative drape of your choice. Pair it with long kurtis or short ones, with churidars or denims, this is a modern day drape that will never fail. 

See, there are so many variations of drapes that one can try out when it comes to dupattas. It does not always have to be traditional, it does not always have to be complicated. Elegance lies in simplicity. So, the next time you are picking out a cotton dupatta online, definitely think about which of these drapes you would want to try out with it.