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Timeless in traditional: Style tips to get every ethnic wear look right

There’s a reason why they say traditional wear is classic wear. Deeply rooted in cultural history and heritage, reflecting a sense of uniqueness, each and every piece of traditional clothing has a story to tell. And in this world where the threads of globalization calls for an amalgamation of cultures, celebrating the traditional is definitely an important aspect. But, when it comes to donning the best ethnic wear it’s not just the apparel you wear, it’s about how you design your entire look and pull it off. So how do you ensure that you get the traditional look on point? Let’s take a look at some timeless fashion tips


Traditional for the daily

We hardly ever pay some attention to what we wear daily. But, that’s something that becomes a part of our personality, a reflection of the person within. So, why not pay a little more attention to and bring the daily wear game absolutely on point? And it’s quite simple really. If you want to keep it traditional for say a regular work day, then set aside some of your casual kurtis for daily wear and style them right with these simple tips: 

  • Either opt for a heavy eyeliner or a deep line of kohl for your lower eyelid. 
  • Bindi makes for a great addition to the entire look, especially the small ones. However, always choose your bindi size based on your face type. 
  • You have all the freedom in the world to experiment with accessories. Going with the trend, silver oxidised pieces go well with most daily ethnic wear. Just make sure that you are not accessorising yourself heavily for daily wear.


Traditional for those special days

There are joyous occasions in our lives. And they call for celebrations. Every celebration needs that perfect outfit and nothing better than going traditional in both family and formal occasions. From an elegant saree to a salwar kameez, anything can work well for ethnic traditional wear. Again, the trick here is to style it absolutely on point. Here goes your checklist for these occasions: 

  • Accessories are very important when it comes to such occasions. Accessorise depending on what you are wearing and your personality. If you are someone who likes to keep it light, then one heavy neckpiece or a pair of heavy dangling earrings is all you need. If you are fond of heavy accessorising, then balance out your look with the right set of jewellery. Go with gold jewellery, if you are opting for sequined kurtas, which are in vogue these days. If you are going with muted shine of silver, then better to stick to silver or oxidised jewellery. 
  • Pay attention to your lip colour. Make sure it complements your attire.
  • Think beforehand how you want to style your hair. Gajras are the oh so classic combinations with sarees and long flowing anarkali suits. You can also adorn a nice bun with hair pins.


Traditional for the trendy

For those of you who like to keep it trendy and in fashion, yet with a touch of the traditional, they have the maximum room to experiment with this style. The notion that tradition and trend do not go hand in hand is completely a misconception. You can pick out your best kurti online and style it right to stay in trend as well. So, how do you make trend and traditional meet? Let’s take a quick look: 

  • If you are opting for a dupatta, just wear it like a jacket with a belt around your waist. 
  • Keep your kurti cuts and flows interesting. Play around with your accessories. A nice bold ring or a dainty nose pin with an otherwise plain ensemble can work wonders. 
  • Take care of your makeup. Focus on your eyeliner and your lip colour. That can actually make or break your look. For everyday wear, stay away from heavy foundation and keep it light. Sometimes a small bindi works well with a nice ethnic kurti paired with denims.
  • Next comes your hair. This is something that you can experiment with quite a fair bit. Keep it flowing or tie it up in a bun. Get creative with your hair accessories. Explore the various types of hair accessories that people used to wear in the bygone days and make those a part of your look.


Traditional for all seasons

Traditional wear works for any time of the year. When it comes to summer months, keep it light and breezy with pure cotton kurtis and kota daria dupattas. For those festive summer evenings go with light sequined kurtis. Create the perfect look with a gajra of the seasonal flowers on your hair bun. Now, how do you style a kurta set for women for the winter months? Accessorise it right with beautiful kashmir shawls or long overcoats. You can also get a little experimental by pairing your outfit with boots. Chunky earrings make for the perfect match to this ensemble. 

The ways in which traditional outfits can be accessorised are plenty and the best part - you can get as experimental as you want. You can try out different prints, different cuts, styles - anything you want. All you need to do is follow the fashion tips to get your traditional look right, no matter what may be the occasion. 

Keep your style game on, the traditional way, every day.