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Mastering Trends: Latest Block Print Kurta Designs For Trailblazers

The art of printing designs on fabrics has been around for centuries. When machinery and equipment weren't available, designs were printed onto fabrics manually. The most prominent of these manual printing techniques is the art of handblock printing. An ancient method, hand block printing involves using a carved wooden block to stamp designs onto the fabric. To achieve flawless results these blocks are carved by expert craftsmen with meticulous precision. They are then dipped into dyes of the most vibrant colours and stamped onto the fabrics. With changes in the fashion industry, the demand for comfort blended with style, which can be expressed through Indian traditional clothing was on the rise. The fashion industry was not far behind in that context and gave the modern woman hand-block printed kurta sets. In this blog, we explore the types of those, both traditional and latest.

Traditional Techniques

Before we get into the latest styles of hand block printing let us take a look at some of the prominent traditional techniques from which the modern ones are inspired:


Originating in Gujrat, this print type is characterised by its intricate floral and geometric patterns. The designs are complex and usually printed on both sides of the fabric.


Hailing from the Bagru village in Rajasthan, this block print kurti set generally features simple nature-inspired motifs on cotton or silk fabrics in earthy tones.


Originating in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana these are block-printed mythological themes, used as a distinctive type of storytelling on kurta sets.


Originating in Sanganer, a town near Rajasthan, this print type features intricate floral and paisley motifs with bright colours and delicate patterns.


Hailing from Rajasthan, this technique uses resist printing of rustic designs of unique texture using a mixture of mud and dyes.


Originating in Gujrat, Rajasthan, this type of block print kurti design will involve tie-dying small portions of fabric to create intricate patterns throughout the fabric.

The Modern Edit

In the ever-evolving fashion scene block prints have emerged as a timeless art. Although the original styles and techniques have their significant aura and are opulent in their way, with a change in fashion came the need to one-up those designs and create something glamorous. Thus, came the latest styles and designs in which your block print kurta set looks grand. Let us see what are some of the most note-worthy styles of the modern block prints:

Floral Motifs

Floral motifs have always been a staple in block printing; however, these have a new place in the modern traditional fashion scenario. They are now much more than just the prints of flowers on your favourite kurta set, they have become a means of self-expression. Designers to create something exceptional have taken it upon themselves to use floral motifs in block printing and transform it into a dazzling couture. They experiment with bold and oversized floral prints to intricate dainty patterns and sometimes mix both to create visually appealing designs that are well sought after.

Contrasting Colours and Prints

In a store among the long train of lined-up hand-block printed cotton suits, one is significantly more captivating than the others. While others seem more meek, a vibrant red kurta set with big and bold block prints of golden seems to be the showstopper. This is the magic of contrasting colours and prints. A contrast accentuates the prints and makes them more noticeable and they offer a sense of confidence to the wearer and allow them to stand out of the crowd with enthralling beauty. Designers use this style to make statements and create juxtapositions of colours to add depth to the ensemble.

Multi Coloured Prints

Offering a playful twist to your favourite kurta sets, multi coloured prints result in dynamic and lively attires. Instead of sticking to a single colour palette, a multitude of colours is being incorporated by designers in their block prints to create visually stunning designs. This trend allows endless combinations and more space for creativity resulting in kurta sets with a kaleidoscope of colours or a harmonious blend of hues. Multi coloured prints are here to stay and turn heads every time.

Chevron Motif

The chevron motif looks just as captivating as it sounds. Characterized by its distinctive V-shaped pattern, the chevron motif has become a popular choice for block prints. Whether for a subtle accent or a bold pattern, these prints add a modern edge to your favourite kurti set with dupatta. Designers experiment with different variations of the print, from altering scale to direction and colours to create visually striking designs.

Handblock print and embroidery

Designers have a much keener eye for creating something extraordinary from the ordinary. For many, the block prints alone on a kurta set seemed one-dimensional. So they gave them a modern spin and added a depth that enhances the beauty of the block prints, with the help of embroidery by adding more texture to the clothes. So a kurta set with block prints adorned with intricate embroidery, whether it is beadwork or threadwork, enhances the beauty of the block prints and takes them to a new level of sophistication.

Block Printed Dupatta

Dupattas play an integral role in completing a kurta set look. So with the latest trend, you get to revel in the beauty of an intricate cotton kurti set with dupatta with block prints. Remember the best way to allow your dupatta to shine is to choose a kurta with neutral colours and much fewer designs than the dupatta.

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