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Winter kurti styles tailored for the royal in you

Days are getting shorter. Nights have a calm coldness to them. Leaves are falling, green is losing its lustre as is the course of Nature. There’s a nip in the air. Winter is approaching. And we all know that as the season changes with another turn of the Earth around the Sun, this particular change calls for quite a change in your wardrobe as well. Warmth is now the key to your comfort, while relaxed and convenience is your driving factor. So, how do you make the best of this season? Believe it or not, the deserts of Rajasthan have a way for you with their jaipuri suits.


Cottons can be the comfort for winter

Most block print kurtis come on the best of cotton. Feather touch, light and breezy cotton. Doesn’t seem like the ideal fit for the winter warmth, does it? But the dryness of winters also calls for a burst of colours and the vibrancy of block prints are hard to resist. So, how do we blend the two? Is it at all possible? Can block print suits be an ideal winter wear for you?

Yes, they can. All you need to do is style them smartly. It requires having your winter woollens absolutely on point and diverse in cut, shape and style, so that you can pair them with ease with your coloruful kurtis. What are these looks that you can create? Well, here are some simple, effective and as always, royal, suggestions for you.


The coat and the kurti classic

This is the simplest yet most effective fashion blend for the winter. The allure of block prints is for all seasons, so why not try this classic combination? Pick out a bright block print kurti you have, it can be your favourite one too, and simply wear a black coat on top of it. A flowing long coat with kurtis is the ideal way to go about it. Stay away from short coats or blazers with long kurtis. Style them with boots and if you want to protect your throat, then ditch the scarf and go with a dupatta. And you are ready to rock this classic winter look.


Shawls for that royal feel

When it comes to winter wear, nothing speaks regal more than shawls. Heavy embroidered or a simple touch of Kashmiri embroidery on the corners, shawls are an enigma with a personality of their own. Kashmir shawls in particular are one of the most treasured and appreciated across the world. With this look, you have the opportunity to bring together two states of our country - Rajasthan and Kashmir. Made from pashm (goat hair), these shawls are an embrace of warmth. Drape one over beautiful cotton kurtis and see how cozy a combination it is. In fact anarkali cut kurtis are the perfect ones for this combination. As the light cotton keeps your body comfortable, the shawl adds an envelope of snugness that you absolutely crave for in the winter months. Pair it with no-show socks and jutis for maximum comfort. And for a combination like this, there is no better alternative than pearls.


The desi rockstar

Popular on the big screen, with comfort at its core, if you want to nail the perfect combination of classy and desi, here’s your winner - kurti sets with bomber jackets. Sounds a little too eclectic? Well, it is sure to grab some appreciative attention. Keep the colour of your bomber jacket blue. Loose or fit to cut - anything will go with this. Now pair it with a vibrant green or red block print long kurti with patialas. Jutis make the perfect match to this pair. Minimise or maximise your look with any choice of accessories and you are winter ready in a jiffy.


The one with the long cardigan

Cardigans are almost a winter staple. Advantage - you will find it in almost every household and you will surely have one in your wardrobe. But, did you know that they can make one of the most stylish winter wears for a stunning block print kurti look? All you need to do is make sure that your woollen cardigan is a long one, preferably one above knee length, but just a little. Pick out the block print salwar kameez that you want to wear, depending on the occasion, wear your long cardigan and that’s about it. Simple, easy and most importantly available, this is one look you must try if you haven’t already.


The hidden one

You might have already guessed it from the name. Yes, we are talking about warmers. They are a lifesaver when it comes to keeping any Indian look as ethnic and untampered with as possible, during the winter months. Wear them inside and wear any heavy kurta on top and you will be able to seamlessly beat the winter cold in style. This is a must have in your wardrobe.


For that hipster vibe

Endorsed by trendsetters, this combination is one that you cannot miss. Perfect for light wintery days, pair your long A line kurti with slim cut denims with creases at your ankle. Pair them with stilettos or boots, whichever is more comfortable for you and you have a favourite winter look that can never go wrong. Style it right with some chunky earrings and of course don’t forget your stole. Drape it like a scarf and see the magic for yourself. 

The desolate winter months are actually one of the best seasons to experiment with your winter looks, especially when it comes to keeping it ethnic. And our tireless craftsmen from the sands of Rajasthan have one of the most elegant choices for you - block printed kurtis, made by their own hands.

At Kahva, we want your style game to be on point for every season. We always want you to look your best and bring forth the person in you. Try out these combinations and add that panache to your personality with just the right mix of the traditional and the trendy.