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Sangeet Style: Find Your Perfect Sangeet Dress Today

Sangeet Style: Find Your Perfect Sangeet Dress Today

The air is filled with the rich aromas of spices, and sweets distributed on every corner of the venue, vibrant colours adorn the various outfits, and the music is surreal and enchanting. This is what the ambiance of a sangeet ceremony usually is. The sangeet ceremony is a prelude to the wedding in the kaleidoscope of festivities and events. An event full of fun activities, songs, and enjoyment, sangeet is when family and friends are welcomed before the wedding and served with a fun-filled day. This means as a bride, your dress for sangeet should be equally splendid, matching the splendour of the event. This blog will guide you through the various dress options for creating a flawless sangeet outfit.

Things to Consider

We get it, the sangeet is a glimmering event with the freedom to wear whatever you want that complements the essence of the event. But even when looking forward to a fun-filled and exciting time, it is imperative to ensure some additional things:

Comfort Quotient:

A long day of dancing and singing is taxing, and choosing weather-friendly clothes that keep you at ease is necessary. A lightweight dress would be perfect for moving around in while entertaining your friends and family.

Venue and Theme Considerations:

Whether you are a traditional person who chose an indoor setting or decided on a more contemporary outdoor setting, choosing your outfit based on the theme and venue as well as the weather is as crucial to ensure comfort throughout the festivities.

Only vibrant colours:

Weddings are the events where dull and unappealing colours are to be kept at bay, far away from consideration. When picking a sangeet dress for bride, remember the vibrancy of the event and its festivities, and only pick bold hues that complement your skin tone.

Don't Shy Away from Accessories:

A demanding event where you move around a lot while looking your best and greeting guests, sangeet ceremonies can be tricky. But the nature of the event should not stop you from looking your best. Ensure to create your look with accessories like statement jewellery, elegant footwear, and chic clutches without shying away.

Top Choices for Sangeet Dresses

While there are several options of clothing to choose from, not all of them will complement the essence of the event. Here are some of the most popular choices for the bride-to-be to look ethereal in.


The lehenga, a traditional clothing that has become a patented choice for weddings, is also a top choice for sangeet ceremonies. So if you have been debating whether to go down the beaten path and choose a lehenga set, then this is your sign to go for it. Perfectly epitomising the grace and beauty needed to make the bride-to-be look fabulous, a lehenga set is all you need. Next, you have two choices, either pick a simple set without much embellishment or, go all out and pick a dazzling designer lehenga, that captures the essence of the event and looks ethereal on the bride-to-be. But do remember to keep it lightweight.

Anarkali Suit set

An Anarkali suit set is unlike any other traditional clothing. An ensemble originating from the very courts of the Mughals, where grace and opulent splendour were normal. It is your best bet to create a fabulous sangeet ensemble. Chances are not only will you find some inspiration online from celebs who have been rocking this look on various occasions, but you might also stumble upon your dream sangeet wear. So pick a party-wear suit and harness the sophistication and charm captured in it with the flowing skirt and fitted bodice that will help you channel your inner royalty.

Sharara Sets

One of the most fun outfit choices for any event, a sharara set consists of a flared top and wide-legged pants that exude liveliness and enjoyment. This ensemble is not only about mobility and comfort but also a feast for the eyes. Find ones with shimmering embellishments, intricate embroidery, and vibrant hues, that guarantee to turn heads. An outfit that is not just one the best choices for the bride but also makes a stunning sangeet dress for bride sister.


A saree is the epitome of graceful allure. With the ability to perfectly blend in with any occasion and event, a saree is all anyone needs to look effortlessly charming. And these days wearing a saree has become much more exciting and easy. How is that? It is with the introduction of pre-draped sarees. No more hassle of pleating and ensuring it looks symmetric since that is already done for you. The pre-draped notion, however, does not dim the allure or limit the options. You can find just as many colours, designs, and variations as in the traditional 9 yards of elegance. So pick your choice of pre-draped or traditional sarees and opt for the most dazzling ones that perfectly complement the essence of the event.

Palazzo Set/ Kurti Set

If you want to go down a different path and choose an outfit with a contemporary vibe that still encapsulates the ethnic clothing feel, then a Palazzo set or a Kurti set is your way to go. A palazzo set usually includes a wide-legged chic bottom with a fitted top or kurti. You can find them in various designs and types. These are the ultimate modern companions to spice up your sangeet look, from prints to cuts. And if that is too new-age for you, then you can choose an alternative to it, the kurti set. A wardrobe staple that blends comfort with fashion, a cotton kurti set with dupatta is not just a piece of clothing for lounging around the house or running errands. But the versatility of it also makes it a top choice for comfortable and glamorous fashion for your sangeet.

At Kahva, we understand the importance of looking fabulous at your special events. And nothing is more special than a wedding. This is why to help you dress impeccably and embrace traditional grace, we offer a collection of clothing perfect for any occasion. From A-line kurta sets to Anarkalis, you will find a charming collection of ethnic Indian clothing with us.