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Anila Dua Suit Set (Set of 3)
Anila Dua Suit Set (Set of 3)
Anila Dua Suit Set (Set of 3)
Anila Dua Suit Set (Set of 3)
Rs. 3,950.00
Rashmi Kiran Suit Set (Set of 3)
Rashmi Kiran Suit Set (Set of 3)
Rashmi Kiran Suit Set (Set of 3)
Rashmi Kiran Suit Set (Set of 3)
Rs. 5,000.00
Prabha Heer Suit Set (Set of 3)
Prabha Heer Suit Set (Set of 3)
Prabha Heer Suit Set (Set of 3)
Prabha Heer Suit Set (Set of 3)
Rs. 4,200.00


Occasion/fashion wear


Prefestive wear


Online shopping here is hassle-free. Comfortable and stylish daily wear.


Impressive stuff, loved the kurtas and suits.


Stunning and beautiful cotton kurtis.


Best ethnic wear for women online. Excellent fit and quality.


I adore their block print kurtis. Daily wear suits are elegant.


Extensive Indian ethnic wear collection. Perfect for daily use.


One day late on delivery, but worth it. Top-notch cloth quality.


The Magnificent Pre-Wedding Regalia

As the wedding bells chime, a flurry of events and preparations make headway. One after the other, events are planned, and the anticipation begins to build with the pre-wedding. With the understanding of how indispensable the attires of the bride-to-be are during this time of her life, we bring you a timeless collection of the most exquisite pre-wedding clothing. Each piece is intricately adorned with hand-block prints, done by expert craftsmen, that make them flawlessly incomparable to any other.

Where do you wear them?

A pre-wedding dress is meant to be the choice of clothing for all pre-wedding festivities. Whether it is the lively Mehndi ceremony or the serene and elegant Haldi rituals, pre-wedding clothing effortlessly captures the essence of the celebration. Especially for the bride-to-be, it is important to look her best during all the events. Pre-wedding attires offer her the liberty to stun with her charm and elegance while she pays homage to the event at hand. Not to forget the all-important pre-wedding shoot, which has become a pivotal part of the new age wedding celebrations. These also require stunning outfits so the bride and groom-to-be can curate their memories.

How do you style them?

Block print pre-wedding dresses or pre-wedding shoot dresses generally offer numerous styling options. For the events mixing and matching colours and prints that complement each other with traditional jewellery creates an elegant yet vibrant look. Elevate your look from simple to stunning with the addition of statement jewellery pieces with outfits that are more on the simpler side. For the photoshoot, your outfit needs to have that vibrant touch with a flair of glamour. Style with statement pieces to bring out the glamour.

How do you find the right fit?

The secret to looking stunningly flawless in the outfit of your choice, whether the event outfit or the pre-wedding photoshoot dress is that it fits you perfectly. And the best way to ensure an outfit fits you is always to measure yourself correctly first. After that refer to the size chart provided on our website for your ease and pick the size that matches your measurements the best.

What is the best way to take care of them?

These are special outfits that hold significant meaning for an entire lifetime. This means naturally they require slightly more care than other clothing. For the best results and to retain the fabric quality with its colours wash with cold water and mild detergents. Do not wash them too frequently. Dry them in the shade away from direct sunlight and iron with mild heat.

What do you need to create the perfect look?

As a modern bride-to-be pair your casual pre-wedding shoot dress with a single piece of jewellery, whether a necklace or a pair of earrings. For other outfits pay attention to detail and pair your ensemble with intricate bangles, embellished earrings, and footwear. Additionally, use hair ornaments or fresh flowers to decorate your hair for an extra dose of charm.