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About Us

We are young. We are bold. 

Driven by the desire to unite women through fashion across the country. 

And our binding thread? Block prints from Jaipur. 

Kahva’s journey began in 2023 with our three founders Shraddha Dadhich, Rishita Sharma and Aabhar Dadhich coming together to empower the local artisans of Jaipur. They set out with the firm belief that block prints from Jaipur bring forth the diversity of a distinct culture and yet have the power to unite all. 

We are committed to uplifting our local artisans with a strict code of ethics in place. For us, our artisans come first. And it is you who encourages us to go beyond the best. 

Kahva welcomes you with open arms on this path of colours, culture and celebration.

From Jaipur,
With Love



Nityansh Ventures
6-B, Bhawani Singh Road, C Scheme,
Jaipur 302001