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10 Elaborate Ways to Style Your Kurta for Any Occasion

Indian traditional fashion culture has been deemed timeless, and rightfully so. Previously strictly reserved for festive or formal occasions, over time, the need for a better and simpler way to incorporate this traditional ethnicity into the everyday lives of women became imperative. There was a call for something with its roots still in the cultural soils but with a modern flair. Thus came kurtas and kurta sets into play. A very versatile piece of clothing, the kurta seamlessly blends tradition with contemporary aesthetics. But just like any other look, a kurta look also needs a little up-do sometimes to achieve a personalized fashion statement for any occasion. But how do you achieve this with a kurta set? Let's find out.


Importance of choosing the right set

There are a myriad of options to choose from when it comes to picking the right kurti set. Then pairing it with the proper occasion is simply an art. A beautiful kurti set provides the best canvas for creative expression. Its popularity lies in its versatility, which allows the wearer to curate looks that blend with every occasion. Whether it is a formal gathering or a festive occasion, a kurta set is always handy. And so, properly styling them is also crucial. Here are some captivating ways to curate the perfect look for every occasion.

Way 1 - Casual but Chic

One of the best ways to style a kurta set is to not wear it as a set at all. In other words, pair a straightforward kurta with classic denim or leggings to help you achieve a laid-back ensemble that is still fashion-forward enough to create the perfect blend of casual and chic. Opt for vibrant colors for a touch of energetic playfulness. Don't be afraid to experiment with bold prints and designs, allowing ample room for self-expression. Other than that to accentuate your look, incorporate accessories like chunky bracelets, rustic earrings, or even a scarf to complement the casual nature of the outfit. These are perfect for a casual day event or a semi-formal event.

Way 2 - For Travel and Outdoors

Women are always on the go; from work to everyday errands, they are always on their feet. For this, they need to ensure comfort while looking their best. The best way to do that is to choose one of the thousands of cotton kurta sets for women out there. A cotton set is breathable and lightweight, allowing you to be on top of your fashion game while being comfortable. The best ones are loose-fitting, paired with palazzos or leggings. Sleeveless kurtas for summer, have lighter hues to not absorb more sunlight, and pairing them with wide-brimmed hats and sneakers is a must.

Way 3 - Office Elegance

There might be a fair deal of debate about whether or not kurtas are the best fit for a formal office setting. However, it is safe to say that, when done right, they are the best bet for any woman in an office setting. Choose a tailored kurta in neutral tones. Pair them with a straight-cut trouser, or if you are comfortable, go for a pencil skirt for a more sophisticated look. Add minimal jewellery and classic heels to complete the look.

Way 4 - Pair for Parties

Given their versatile nature, kurtas also make the best looks for parties, adding a touch of jazzy fashion while keeping you comfortable enough to focus on the event at hand. For parties, you can choose the simplest cotton kurta set with dupattas with heavy brocade or embroidery and pair it with palazzos, statement jewellery, and neutral makeup.

Way 5 - Festive Dazzle

So when kurtas can be such a fun look for parties, they can also stand true to their nature of being able to blend in on any occasion, especially when it comes to festivals. Look for ornate details like zari work, sequins, heavy embroidery, etc. in vibrant colors to match the festive mood, like red, royal blues, luxe greens, and other similar hues. Dazzle your look with statement jewellery like oversized earrings, bangles, bracelets, or a statement necklace. You can also go for a suit with dupatta, with similar characteristics to exude that aura of timeless elegance.

Way 6 - Monochrome it up

If you have an evening soiree or a last-minute cultural event to attend, then believe that going monochrome is what you need to do to not only experiment with your style quotient but also look visually intriguing. Choose a kurta with a matching bottom in neutral tones. Or play with textures and opt for silk kurtis with cotton or linen bottoms. Introduce statement jewellery to the look, but ensure not to overdo it. The simplicity of this look is what makes it the perfect match for formal and semi-formal events.

Way 7 - The Bohemian way

With a free-spirited charm and ideal for a laid-back setting, the bohemian way of styling your kurta look is what you need for a fun day out. Particularly events like concerts, music festivals, casual gatherings, beach vacations, and the like. Opt for flowy silhouettes and eclectic designs; nature-inspired designs also work well for the bohemian look. For bottoms, think wide-legged palazzo pants or maxi skirts. Pair these with a choice of fringed vest, shawl, or scarf, or go for statement jewellery like chunky bracelets, rings, dangling earrings, or even anklets.

Way 8 - Draping with perfection

Draping is all about getting creative with a dupatta or a fitting scarf that goes well with the choice of your kurta. Perfect for places and events like art exhibits, museums, or even a fashion-forward brunch with friends. Try various styles, like the off-shoulder effect, the cowl, the asymmetrical drape, or the looping. The best kurta set for women is the one that goes well with the power of draped fabric.

Way 9 - Layer it up

From evening events to events during the colder days, layering a kurta always adds the next level of style to your kurta set. This can be done with anything ranging from denim jackets to embroidered jackets and from shrugs to tailored blazers. Go for a darker color when layering a lighter hue of your kurta and vice versa to create a contrasting but lasting impression.

Way 10 - Youthful blend

Last but not least, you can opt to break free from the conventional ways of styling your kurta and go completely rogue with a touch of style. This kind of style is perfect for casual days out or morning events that do not have a set dress code. Pair your kurta with denim shorts or, a denim skirt, and throw in accessories like chunky bracelets, oversized sunglasses, or a stylish backpack. Pair these with sandals or sneakers for the perfect laid-back look. 

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