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Silhouettes of Matrimony: How to Pick The Perfect Anarkali Suit for Your Wedding

Weddings are grand events; whether you are walking down the aisle towards a new life or taking pheras around the fire to strengthen the bond, it is a significant life event. Everything is magnificent and extravagant, from celebrations to decorations, invitations, and menus, hence the name: “The Big Fat Indian Wedding.” In the centre of all the hustle and bustle of events and functions, stands the all-important outfit of the bride, for the wedding. For a bride, her wedding attire is how she expresses herself, and when it comes to Indian weddings, the bride's attire reflects her respect for her culture, sometimes with a touch of style. For modern brides, who would still like to dress up in ethnic Indian clothing and become the epitome of grace and regality, an Anarkali suit is the way to go. This blog will discuss the points a bride-to-be needs to mull over before finding her ideal wedding dress in an Anarkali.

Tracing the Significance

Alluring beauty and timeless elegance – no other words better describe the eternal royal appeal of the Anarkali. An attire that has derived its name from the legendary courtesan Anarkali, draws its roots back to the royal courts of the Mughal empire.

Initially worn only by the women of the Mughal courts, this outfit rose to prominence soon after and became a culturally significant part of Indian traditional fashion. This attire now graces the wardrobe of every woman who adores a touch of enchantment in her outfit choice.

Characterised by their long flowing silhouette, fitted bodice, and flared skirts, Anarkalis have been winning hearts across centuries, and modern brides have all the good reasons to include an Anarkali wedding dress on their wedding to-do lists.

Understanding the Style Quotient

Surprisingly, there are more factors than just the colour and embellishments that need to be considered when choosing a wedding Anarkali. What are they, and how do you get them right? Let us find out.

Body Type Considerations:

The first step to getting the perfect Anarkali dress for your wedding is to consider your body type. For instance, if you have a pear-shaped body, opt for one with a fitted bodice and flared skirt, an empire-waist one if you have an apple-shaped body, and a straight-cut one if you have an hourglass figure.

Personal Preferences:

The second most important consideration is your individual style. Whether you want to channel your inner retro goddess and opt for a traditional Anarkali or go down the more contemporary route to channel your inner chic diva, it is a matter of how you want to present yourself to the beholder. Either way, remember to stun in whatever Anarkali suits for wedding you choose.

Where to Find Them?


Various local boutiques and designers specialise in traditional wedding garments. The catch is that you have to visit these establishments, and sometimes many of them, and go through multiple options of Anarkalis to find your dream dress. The upside, however, is that you get to experience the craftsmanship, fabric, fit, and feel of the clothing firsthand.


Shopping online is convenient and faster, and you can browse through hundreds of options on different platforms to find the designer Anarkali suit of your choice. But it also means extra caution with things like sizing, fabric quality, reviews and ratings, certifications, and the like. Once you are certain about your choice, place your order without worrying.

Top Styles to Look Out for

While there is always the option of going the simple route and picking a heavy Anarkali suit with intricate embellishments in vibrant colours, here are some chic styles that you can try out, to create an unforgettable ensemble on your special day.

Silk Anarkali Suit:

Silk is a luxurious fabric. The sheen and the effortless drape, the exquisite feather-light touch, and the overall opulence make silk Anarkali one of the most coveted garments for your wedding. Opt for a combination of bright and vibrant colours paired with moderate decorations that allow the fabric to take centre stage.

Floor-Length Anarkali Suit:

The epitome of sartorial excellence, a floor-length Anarkali is all kinds of regal and magnificent, and this makes them the perfect choice for a bride’s attire. Available in a variety of styles, a floor-length Anarkali suit looks best with intricate embellishments, mirror work, embroidery, or sequins on its entire silhouette. So remember to opt for the most dazzling one you can find.

Layered Anarkali Suit:

The more layers, the fuller the skirt of your Anarkali suit party wear. A trend of Anarkali suits that has transcended the gap between the common public and celebrities (as both adore these equally), a layered designer Anarkali suit can be the showstopper you need. A layered dress might be heavy on its own, so opt for ones that have moderate decorations, in vibrant colours to add a touch of flair to your ensemble.

Jacket Anarkali Suit:

Created for the modern woman who likes to add a fresh perspective to classic pieces, a jacket Anarkali Suit is modish, extremely contemporary, and leaves a long-lasting impression. There are two ways to go about the layered jacket Anarkali look: either a matching short sleeveless jacket over a long-sleeved Anarkali dress, or a sleeveless Anarkali dress paired with a long, long-sleeved jacket.

Anarkali Gowns:

Quickly becoming the ultimate contemporary variant and graceful addition to traditional haute couture, Anarkali gowns are exceptionally modern and elegantly classic. These are the perfect options for events like engagements, receptions, and other significant wedding events.

At Kahva, we embrace the classic notion of the Anarkali and skillfully transform it into something exquisite and grand using the art of hand-block printing. Each cotton Anarkali dress is in itself a unique expression of excellent craftsmanship and dedication to traditions.