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Shop Smart: A Guide to Finding the Anarkali Fabric of Your Dreams

The grace and charm of the perfect Anarkali suit are not unbeknownst to any of us who have an affinity for graceful fashion. Anarkali, a regal attire that has been around since the days of the Mughals and named after the royal courtesan herself, means “Pomegranate Blossom.” Anarkalis became famous and came into the public eye in the 1960s; since then, they have been considered the ultimate expression of grace and beauty. Today, Anarkalis are seen on fashion ramps around the world, and thus, it is crucial to build a proper understanding of how and what to look for when scavenging for the perfect Anarkali for you.


Key Points to Consider

When shopping for an Anarkali suit set, it is very important to note that the fabric of your desired outfit plays a crucial role in putting together your look. Each fabric has a different drape, texture, and visual appeal, and it is paramount for the wearer to be comfortable in it to look ethereal. Fabric can affect the look of a design in more ways than one; you'd be surprised at how one design looks stunning on one fabric and well, not that great, on another. Not to mention, the occasion for which you are about to dress up also plays a role in the selection of the best outfit. So what are the preferred types of fabrics for an Anarkali? Let's find out.


Fabrics to Consider

Anarkalis are meant to make you look graceful and keep you comfortable while doing it. For women these days, the most common and preferable choices of fabric are silk, georgette, net, cotton, etc., and here's why:


Silk is considered a luxurious fabric among all others. The natural sheen and the effortless drapes make it the best choice for Anarkali suits. This fabric blends well with zari work, embroidery, or even minimalist designs, making it the perfect canvas for a regal charm that transitions smoothly from daytime to nighttime events. For formal events, heavier silk like Banarasi or Kanjevaram gives off the look of opulence with grace and sophistication. For semi-casual gatherings, silks like Chanderi or Tussar are the best. Whether you prefer a more classic look or are into more modern interpretations, silk Anarkalis is one such wardrobe staple to go for.


Cotton stands as the epitome of comfort in the entire realm of fashion. Its light and airy feel makes it the ideal choice for those of you looking to maintain your comfort while not compromising on style. It gives a pleasant feel to your skin throughout the day. The cotton Anarkali suit is an effortless blend of style; they are chic and make the best daytime attire for events. You can go for vibrant prints for a more chic look or subtle embroidery for a more refined and regal look. While there are kinds of cotton like handloom and khadi to choose from, they can be brought to life with hand block prints, ikat, or even weaves. Wear a cotton anarkali dress and bring style to your events with the same comfort they offer.

Georgette and Chiffon

When looking for an Anarkali suit that will flow as light as the air, drape perfectly over any body type, and make the perfect silhouette, lighter fabrics like Chiffon and Georgette are the best bets. The beauty of these suits lies in their intricate embellishments and expertly crafted designs. For day events, you can choose pastel shades and minimal embellishments to showcase the light and breezy look that the fabric is already creating. For evening events or more formal settings, vibrant hues and ornate detailing are the way to go. With its graceful flow and ethereal look, georgette or chiffon makes for the best Anarkali suit party wear and is all you need to make a long-lasting impression on your audience.

Crepe and Net

Crepe and net may not fall in the same category when talking about Anarkali fabric. But both of these fabrics have a more contemporary look. The sleek and matte finish of the crepe allows for minimal embroidery and subtle embellishment, giving it a more tailored and structured look. On the other hand, the net is equally flowy and makes for a canvas for layers, textures, and embellishments. Other than that, crepe and net together also make contemporary Anarkali suits and suit sets that maintain their grace and elegance while being draped in the image of the modern fashion scene.


The Anarkali dress

Just like the Anarkali suit, the Anarkali dress is also an elegant piece of clothing that helps you achieve a modest yet stylish look. Full sleeves and small necklines, combined with the alluring effect of the long flowy gown give it all the charm and beauty to look stunning without trying too hard. These dresses are found in the fabrics mentioned above, and the best way to choose the one that fits your needs and the occasion is by figuring out whether you want a more flowy look with a net or silk anarkali dress or if you want a more comfortable and gorgeous look with a cotton Anarkali dress

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