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Style to Perfection: Finding the Right Accessories for Block Print Kurtis

For any attire to transform into a regal look, what you need is the right accessories that will go along with it. They help in tying up the entire look together. Their main task is to bring out the apparel that you are wearing and more importantly, showcase your personality. In fact, accessories are a great way to express yourself creatively. When it comes to accessories, only imagination is your limit. Apart from that, you can pair up anything with everything as long as you know what works best for you.

Now, when it comes to block print kurti one thing we need to remember is that they are essentially Indian. Does that mean that we need to stick to Indianized accessories only? Does it mean that with kurtis, only earrings, a specific type of shoes and bags and neck pieces will work? Not at all. There are multitude of ways and types of accessories that can be used to style your look with the classic block print kurtis Jaipur.

Wondering how? Kahva is pleased to open up a world of creative possibilities for you.

Brilliant yet Subtle: Playing with Earrings

Oh! The number of ways in which you can style your kurti with earrings is beyond count. It all depends on the look that you want to create. For example, if you want to create an everyday office look with your block print kurti, that you can effortlessly carry off with panache, then stick to the golden rule: keep it simple. You can go with chic diamond studs to complement the vibrant prints. You can also try oxidized jhumkas, which are a classic when it comes to block prints. If you are aiming for a more formal occasion, then adding a touch of heavy earrings is not a bad idea. Long heavy oxidized earrings work seamlessly to create the perfect ethnic look. For our bandhej dyed kurtas, you can try pearls or even kundan with it. Looking for a more modern touch to your ethnic look? Then pair it with sleek earrings or even multiple silver earrings to go with it. In fact, for your block print kurta set, trying out different earrings for both ears will create an interesting look.

Make a Statement with Your Neck Piece

To wear a neck piece or not to wear one - that is indeed the question. The answer to it is fairly simple - how do you want your look to be? If you are aiming for something subtle and you have decided to wear heavy earrings, then you really don’t need a neck piece. However, if you are looking for a more striking look, say with our anarkali block print set, then you can definitely try out a long heavy oxidized neck piece to go along with it. To create the perfect ethnic look with our bandhej printed kurtis, the best option is to go with a pearl choker, especially if the kurti comes with an embroidered neckline. A kundan set, with a heavy necklace will work with the kurtis, for a festive look.

For Your Hands Only

A lot of people don’t pay attention to their hand accessories till the last minute. So, that’s one thing you need to be prepared with. When styling your cotton suit with dupatta, you always add a touch of royalty to the look with oxidized bracelets. They go a long way in accentuating the entire look. For the formal and regal occasions, nothing beats a pearl bracelet to go along with anarkali or bandhej dyed suits. Wait, that’s not it. Don’t forget about your fingers. Rings of different shapes and sizes are ideal for completing a look with kurtis. Get as quirky as you can with your rings and enjoy the appreciative comments.

The Royal Footsteps

Shopping for block print kurtis online? Then don’t forget to check if you have the right shoes along with it. There are some classic staples for each kurti design. Anarkalis: For these long flowing beauties with fitted pyjamas, nothing looks better than a pair of high heels. And if you are comfortable, fearlessly opt for a pair of stilettos. A-line kurtis: For these, what you need is a pair of high heels or flats that you are extremely comfortable in. Kurti sets: If you