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How to Find Stylish Dresses for Raksha Bandhan

If there is one occasion steeped in the allure of significant love and familial bonds, it is Raksha Bandhan; also known as Rakhi. The festival is marked with family gatherings, rituals, and gift exchanging, making it all the more special. This occasion is undoubtedly one where women love to adorn themselves in traditional clothing, which holds a unique emotional and cultural significance too. Is there any other type of clothing that can pay respect to a festival if not ethnic clothing? But it is also easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices available, which is why this blog will help you to find the perfect dresses for Raksha Bandhan easily.

Where to Begin for Raksha Bandhan Dress

It is rightfully said that charity begins at home. In this case, it begins with you. To start looking for your ultimate attire you need to figure out what your personal preferences are. Begin with answering questions like, do I want to look more traditional or should I opt for fusion? Is comfort more important or style? How much do I have to be on the move that day? Etc. Keeping in mind that it is a family-oriented occasion you need to strike the perfect balance between elegant and modern elements. This means that once you have the answers to the above questions, you will know exactly what to opt for. Whether you choose a Lehenga Choli, a saree, or a Salwar Kameez, your Raksha Bandhan dress should help you feel confident in your skin and look mesmerising to the beholder.

Fabric First

Typically rakhi usually falls in August, when the weather is typically on the warmer side. So the choice of fabric is of the utmost importance since comfort is a priority.

As long as you are comfortable you will look beautiful as well. The best fabric options for Raksha Bandhan would be:


Any warm weather event is miserable without cotton fabric clothing. That is owing to the two most significant qualities that cotton fabric possesses, breathability and sweat absorption. It keeps you cool and comfortable effortlessly. It is impossible to look fabulous when you are struggling to be comfortable.


Imagine feeling like you have draped a rakhi dress made of clouds, so light and so comfortable that you feel like floating. Linen fabric makes you feel like that. With its lightweight characteristics, a linen dress is all you need in hot weather to look breathtaking.

Silk-Cotton blends:

What happens when you add luxury to comfort? You get a Raksha Bandhan dress made of silk-cotton blended fabric. Creating the perfect balance between style and practicality, silk-cotton blends offer you comfort along with a luxurious feel. Who doesn't like a two-in-one offer?

Best Outfit Ideas For Raksha Bandhan

Now that you have figured out how your dress should look and feel, it is time to understand the best options that you have. From Shararas to Kurta sets, here are the styles that will help you channel your inner diva:

#1 Sharara Suit Sets

If modern traditional clothing had an ambassador that was chic and elegant enough to make its wearer look gorgeous without fail, it would have been the Sharara. A wide-legged cousin to the Palazzo, a Sharara is much more dazzling with all its embellishments. Fit to be worn at events where you need to add a flaring fashion statement, Shararas are usually better paired with a short or mid-length kurti. And are best worn in deep and rich colours like Ruby, Emerald Green, Golden, and Royal Blue. Add those to sequins and embellishments and you get the perfect ensemble.

#2 Anarkali Dress

Ditch the modern fashion notion if you must, and opt for a traditional dress for Raksha Bandhan that is every bit the regal elegance that is associated with it. If you haven't guessed it yet, it is the one and only Anarkali. An outfit that has the innate ability to lift any occasion with its ethereal presence, an Anarkali is what you need to become the show stopper at any rakhi event. Go all out with your Raksha Bandhan Anarkali and pick a hue just as royal as the attire. Do not forget the embellishments to make them more bejewelled. Statement earrings, stilettos for added drama, and dewy makeup should bring your look together perfectly.

#3 Designer Kurtis For the Win

Kurtis can help you create a low-key look with a touch of the magnificent chic, depending on what kind you opt for. For a low-key look, a monochrome kurti for Raksha Bandhan is a great option, since it combines both comfort and style together. If you want to go all out, find a cape kurti set; ensure the cape is lightly embellished and pair it with a complimenting and short kurti, added to a Sharara, and you can create what they call un mode.

#4 Fun Lehenga Choli

One can never fail to look stunning in a lehenga choli. The embellished skirt added with the cropped blouse and dupatta, creates the perfect ensemble for when you want to look and feel amazing. If you don't wish to deal with a heavy outfit, simply opt for one that has intricate but moderate embroidery or mirror work. Then pair it with a statement necklace and some bangles and you are good. Likewise, if you want to go all out, pick a Lehenga choli with heavy embellishment and let it shine on its own, without adding any other accessory.

At Kahva, we embrace tradition as well as modernity to bring you a collection worth celebrating. These clothes offer you excellent craftsmanship along with the timeless art of hand block printing. They are comfortable thanks to the high-quality cotton, and make you look and feel ethereal.