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Work In Style: Creating Your Ideal Professional Look With Ethnic Wear

The sun shines brightly, the birds sing gleefully, and the flowers bloom, turning summer into the most joyful season; this is how a movie's opening sequence might look. However, in reality, summers can be dreadful. It is too hot for dressing up, and the sweat will inevitably spoil your look. In such weather, dressing up for the office can be tricky. How can a working woman look and feel good when dressing up for work during the summer? It can be done using an office wear suit. Indian ethnic clothing is extremely versatile and when done right can create the best work ensemble. Refined and classy, these outfits bring out the feminine charm while keeping the modern, busy woman comfortable and on the go. This blog will shed light on the key elements and styling tips to spruce up your summer workwear without compromising on sophistication.

The Comfort Factor

With summer comes scorching temperatures and thus, comfort and practicality are paramount.

But what factors contribute to comfort in ethnic workwear? And how is contemporary workwear any different?

Ethnic workwear brings a level of simplicity, charm, and a magnificent allure that can hardly be compared with contemporary fashion.

Ethnic workwear emphasizes breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, or lightweight silk blends. Combined with flowy silhouettes and shorter sleeves, these outfits cater to the comfort factor effortlessly.

From daily-wear cotton suits to simple yet refined sarees, ethnic workwear for women is the best option for comfort and practicality.

The Elements: What and How?

From fabric choices to colours and accessories, each element of your ethnic ensemble determines the amount of comfort you will derive from it. Choosing the right elements also plays an important part in maintaining the sophistication levels while ensuring the outfit is suitable for the workplace.

Fabric Selection

Imagine this, you have splendid clothing of ethnic clothing, in almost all the fabrics available on the market. Cotton, rayon, silk, nothing is off the list. Yet when summer arrives, you are thrown into confusion as to how you can stay comfortable during work hours.

The answer is simple. Summer and breathable fabrics go hand in hand. Think of fabrics like cotton, linen, and chiffon, these are lightweight and ensure maximum comfort throughout the day.

A cotton suit with cotton dupatta paired with matching leggings or pyjamas, not only exudes elegance and refinement but also keeps you cool and sweat-free.

Colours of Summer

Maintaining a sophisticated image in the workplace is of the utmost importance. While you may have the option to experiment with colour palettes and patterns, it is best to keep experimentation in the workplace to a minimum.

So what are the colours of summer that fit well with the refined atmosphere of a workplace?

The first choice should be neutral colours like beige, ivory, white, and others in the same colour palette. These subdued tones not only look elegant but are also summer-friendly, which means outfits in these colours would keep you comfortable and cool in summer.

So instead of opting for loud variations, pick a subdued colour cotton kurta set with dupatta and pair it with a monochromatic or contrasting colour, but in the same colour family, and you have a refined outfit.

Silhouette Style

Summers are for embracing flowy designs and relaxed silhouettes, that allow you to move effortlessly and feel comfortable throughout the day.

Some examples of silhouettes that you can opt for in summer for the workplace are:

A- Line Kurta

A gently flared timeless classic that adds an elegant charm to your wardrobe and makes for your perfect summertime partner at the workplace. These offer comfort blended with a touch of style and are extremely versatile to transition from a boardroom meeting to an after-work gathering.

Flowy Anarkalis

These are regal, exude sophistication, and are found in various lengths to create the perfect office look. Opting for a cotton suit with dupatta in neutral colours that is preferably sleeveless, is the best option for a summer work day at the office.

Palazzo Pants

These are chic, offer a fun touch to your outfit, and are extremely comfortable for a tedious workday. Pair a palazzo pant with your favourite cotton kurti in matching or contrasting colours, and you will have an outfit that exudes chic refinement.

Styling Tips

Now that you have understood the whats and hows, let us look at some simple styling tips that will help you give an even better edge of sophistication to your outfit.

Tailored fit

The secret to styling any outfit, let alone your ethnic workwear, begins with having it tailored to fit you. Whether you shop online or get an outfit stitched, the best way to look appealing and charming is when the flowy silhouette of your Anarkali or the stunning block print kurtis Jaipur fits you properly.

Mindful Accessorising

To help maintain a professional aesthetic with your ethnic outfit, accessorise mindfully. A delicate pendant, stud or simple earrings, or a sleek wristwatch would add the perfect delicate charm to your outfit. Apart from that, drape your dupatta gracefully with refinement and add a simple handbag without many embellishments.

Go easy on Hair and Makeup

The workplace isn't the ideal place for experimenting with elaborate hairstyles or loud makeup. Keep your hairstyle simple, in the most comfortable style, and opt for natural makeup only.

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