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Draped in Hues: The Harmonious Blend of Colours in Indian Traditional Fashion

Colours hold a profound significance for Indian traditional attires; every colour reflects a different cultural, emotional, and spiritual connection. From festivals to occasions, every event has a specific set of colours with a meaning rooted in culture. However, cultural significance and traditional values aside, although the diverse tapestry of colours ranges from soft pastels to royal shades of grandeur, not every colour matches the mood and vibe of every event. Some are too easy to overlook, and some stand out too much. But understanding the nuances of colour selection for any occasion translates to showcasing your fashion judgement while paying an ode to the attached sentiments. Come, let us take a look at the most popular colour trends in the best ethnic wear for women and where to wear them:

Common Colours

When we think of colours the first few by default would be Red, Green, Yellow, and sometimes White. These are the classics that have endured the test of time and have emerged triumphant, as till today they are the primary colours chosen for any attire, whether for a special occasion or a casual event.


The colour that symbolises grandness and prosperity, red is revered as the colour of love and passion and is rooted deep in cultural significance within the Indian ethnic clothing tapestry. This colour thus naturally becomes a preference for brides and brides-to-be for its auspiciousness. Red bridal lehengas, sarees, ghagra cholis, heavy embellished Anarkalis, and pre-wedding shoot dresses are the most popular choices and will also make you look ethereal.


Associated with warmth and prosperity, the colour yellow symbolises happiness and auspiciousness and is often worn during various festivals and celebrations such as Holi, Basant Panchami, and casual daytime events and even makes for the best haldi dress for bride as it is the most authentic and the original colour associated with the event.


Symbolising peace and purity this colour is one of the most auspicious colours associated with new beginnings and spiritual enlightenment and thus, white is a preferable choice for rituals and ceremonies. White kurtas, salwar kameez, and kurti sets are magnificent and look as ethereal on the wearer.


Green has eternally been associated with nature, fertility, and growth and embodies harmony and prosperity in Indian culture. This colour adds a refreshing touch to everyday attire and creates a casual yet chic look for outings and other events.

Pastels: Delicate and Serene

Colours are said to have a significant impact on our senses and emotions. That is why every emotion is associated with a different colour. But what makes pastels so special? And why are they so popular? Pastels invoke a sense of calmness, the soft and alluring essence of these colours have the innate ability to calm one’s senses when worn as their favorite attires. These colours are subtle and almost whisper a tale of tranquillity and serenity.

Blush Pink/ Soft Pink:

Feminine and tender this colour is the epitome of soft romance and its charms. Creating a gracious and enchanting look with this shade ensures you look ethereal effortlessly. Ideal for daytime events like bridal parties, baby showers, and garden parties, a kurta set or salwar kameez in this colour is perfect for a daytime dress for sangeet ceremony at your cousin’s wedding.

Pastel Blue:

Clear skies and clean waters, representations of the eternal calmness that nature brings us, are embodied in this colour. Well-suited for daytime gatherings like afternoon tea parties or luncheons, a pastel blue Anarkali is all you need to bring a refreshing allure to events.

Mint Green:

This shade invokes a sense of freshness and vitality that rejuvenates the wearer and the beholders. Perfect for daytime weddings, summer soirees, and festive occasions, a mint green saree with a zari work or a pastel green kurta with floral embellishment exudes a subtle charm.

Royal Shades: Majestic & Timeless

Regal hues reign supreme in the context of Indian traditional attire. These are luxurious, have a timeless appeal, and are the ultimate representation of refinement. The most popular among all the shades that are termed as majestically royal are Royal Blue, Emerald Green, and Deep Purple. These colours are perfect for the betrothal season and make for the best wedding dresses for women.

Royal Blue:

A colour whose name starts with the word "royal" cannot be anything short of excellence and grandeur. A colour that symbolises regality and authority, Royal Blue is the perfect match for high-end evening events, formal receptions, and sophisticated gatherings. Apart from its regal look this colour also holds a deep cultural significance, representing nobility, wisdom, and grace.

Emerald Green:

A colour associated with fertility, growth, and prosperity, emerald green finds its roots in Indian mythology and folklore, representing abundance. Perfect for formal soirees and wedding events such as mehendi and sangeet, an emerald green bridal mehndi dress is all a bride-to-be needs to look like royalty on the special day. Opt for shararas and kurta sets in this shade with opulent embellishments and watch yourself becoming the showstopper.

Deep Purple:

A colour that signifies spirituality and royalty, deep purple has historically been reserved for the elite and religious figures. A colour that looks regal in every sense, deep purple is your perfect pair for high-end receptions, wedding events, and formal gatherings. A deep purple saree or velvet lehenga would make a striking statement of grace and elegance. You can also opt for salwar kameez or kurta sets and Anarkalis in Deep Purple with intricate embellishments to achieve the same effect on your events.

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