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Colours and Their Psychology: What do they say about you?

Colours have a psychological impact on our lives and accordingly play a significant role. Just like that they are especially crucial in the context of the Indian traditional clothing tapestry. Every colour has its unique personality and can influence moods and emotions. These colours, when blended with the elegance and grace of Indian attire create the best ethnic wear for women. Apart from an influence on us, did you know that the colour chosen as the dominant part of your ensemble or wardrobe can even alter the perceptions of others about you? You don't have to be a mastermind with colours to create a lasting impression on your beholders. Instead, you can masterfully incorporate colours into your wardrobe by understanding which colours help you craft the image of your desire in front of your peers and strangers. In this blog, we will figure out which colours communicate what kind of emotions and personality.

The Power of Colours

Imagine a dark and gloomy day with no sunshine on the horizon, everything seems dull and everyone lacks enthusiasm. That is until you notice someone elegantly draped in a bright yellow saree. The colour added to the timeless elegance of the saree, making the perfect ensemble, somehow making the person lively and the faces of her acquaintances turn up like a sunflower to the sun. This is the magic of the colour yellow. A bright colour that is full of lively spirit and joy.

Just like this, every colour has a profound effect, let us find out one by one:

Fiery Red:

Red is a bold colour, one that commands attention. From igniting feelings of love to feelings of rage, red is a colour impossible to ignore.

Incorporating this colour into your attire for your special occasions helps you appear bold and confident. Remember, not everyone is courageous enough to add red to their personality.

A house full of guests at a festival or occasion, wearing muted colours can always be bested by someone wearing a red salwar kameez. So when you want to be the centre of attention at an event and appear sumptuous, always opt for red in your outfit.

Calm Blue:

Psychologically proven to lower heart rates and reduce anxiety, blue is predominantly associated with feelings of serenity and peace.

So when you have a hectic work day or need to navigate a complex meeting without losing your composure, blue is the colour to choose.

A professionally draped and properly pinned blue saree will help you keep calm in all situations and create a calm environment for your peers. Pair it with minimal jewellery to ensure a refined look.

Fresh Green:

The colour green has always been associated with auspiciousness and growth.

A colour that invokes a sense of being in tune with nature, green is a colour that should be at the top of your traditional clothing list.

On an outdoor event where guests are allowed to wear the clothing of their choice, always pick green.

A green kurta set with dupatta will allow you to feel closer to nature, which in turn will help you stay energetic and rejuvenated.

For your peers, the colour and choice of attire will make you appear approachable by instilling a sense of tranquility and trust.

Majestic Purple:

Purple was once the colour reserved for royalty and higher authority. In the modern day, however, the colour retains its personality by being majestic and grand.

A colour that instills a sense of confidence and ambition in the wearer, purple is perfect for high-end occasions and events where you seek to make a fashion statement and look magnificent without being tagged as overdressed.

For onlookers, this colour inspires a sense of wonder and amazement, automatically turning you into a showstopper. A purple Anarkali paired with statement earrings is all anyone needs to create a lasting impression.

Lively Orange:

The colour orange translates to enthusiasm and vibrancy, invoking a feeling of warmth and energy wherever it appears.

A close cousin to red, orange is a colour that when worn as your favourite traditional attire, can give you an instant surge of confidence and joy adhering to the psychological effects of the colour.

Speaking of onlookers, they perceive you as dynamic and approachable.

So pick an orange kurta set for women, mix and match with contrasting but complementing colours for the leggings and accessories, and complete the outfit with a glamorous addition of statement jewellery.

Pure White:

A colour associated with purity and auspiciousness, white is predominantly a part of religious occasions and rituals because of its pure nature.

White evokes a sense of simplicity and purity. White is also the best colour for summer owing to its heat-repellent quality.

For the wearer white significantly impacts the mood by evoking a sense of lightness and purity.

For onlookers white embodies a sense of innocence and sincerity. From professional settings to religious ceremonies, white is a versatile colour that equally conveys a sense of professionalism, auspiciousness, and purity.

Affectionate Pink:

A colour often associated with affection and care, the pink hue is delicate and gentle in all the right ways.

A pink cotton suit with cotton dupatta at an event, helps the wearer have a heightened sense of affection and connection, owing to the qualities of the colour.

For onlookers the colour pink is soothing, it is delicate enough to make the wearer appear approachable and compassionate while evoking a positive impact on their perception.

Pair a pink Anarkali with metallic or gold accented jewellery and accessories to create a sophisticated yet elegant ensemble.

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