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Mastering Traditional Fashion: Guidelines for a Flawless Look

In the fashion industry, every garment has a story to tell. These garments are the reflection of one’s style as well as the rich tapestry that is the Indian ethnic wear culture. Especially when it comes to traditional clothing, it becomes an even better representation of the history and culture woven together in threads of excellence. However, amidst the multitude of options present to us today for both traditional and contemporary styles of clothing, several fashion mistakes and mishaps can happen. These mistakes affect the outcome of your look and also your confidence. This is why knowing and understanding the basic rules and guidelines of mastering fashion is imperative to creating a flawless ensemble for any occasion. Let us find out the basic principles and why they are crucial.

Fashion Faux Pas: The Impact

Whether you are new to understanding the intricacies of the fashion world or a seasoned fashionista, you are familiar with the word “Faux Pas.” Essentially, this means style blunders and breaches of fashion etiquette; fashion faux pas happen when someone fails to adhere to the general fashion standards, especially when it comes to traditional fashion. These can be anything, from wearing the wrong fit to wearing socks with sandals. While fashion is ever-evolving and subjective, traditional fashion faux pas can sometimes have a lasting impact on one’s self-confidence and potentially influence how others perceive us. However, by understanding the impact of our fashion choices by following the basic guidelines, you can avoid mistakes and cultivate a sense of confidence in your style.

Fashion Rules and Guidelines for Traditional Fashion

Let us now understand some fashion mistakes, how to avoid them, and what are the basic rules at each point concerning traditional fashion so you can create a flawless look with Indian cultural fashion, also known as the best ethnic wear for women.

Rule 1: Never wear clothes that are too big

This one is a given; one of the biggest blunders you can make with traditional fashion is wearing clothes that are too big for you. They look awkward on your frame, do not fit well, and lose all their charm and grace. Imagine owning a fabulous set of Anarkali, but it is big enough to fit a second person. We can agree that isn't a flattering look. The best way to avoid this is to either know your exact measurements before buying any traditional clothing or tailor them to make them fit you precisely.

Rule 2: Hold back on the ruffles, folds, and frills

Ruffles, folds, and frills are fun sometimes; they add a fusion feel to traditional clothing. But they are overused. It is not impossible to find a piece of clothing with a similar style everywhere. While wearing them is not a mistake, having them in excess in your outfit kills the ensemble. They add at least a couple of extra inches to your frame and make you look bulkier than you are. A salwar kameez with frills or ruffles on the sleeves, hemline, and neckline will look odd and diminish the charm of your look. The best way to avoid that is to pick clothes with minimal decoration of these kinds. You can opt for a Kurta with a zipper to create a fun look.

Rule 3: Do not wear too many patterns together

Creating a traditional look is almost like an art. You put together a colour palette and pair it with flattering patterns to create a flawless look. But what happens when you put together two different patterns, all in the same look? It overwhelms your frame and turns your look into a fashion disaster. Imagine wearing a Kurta with polka dots, but then you try to think too out of the box and pair it with a legging with vertical lines as patterns. That would create an unappealing look. However, you can avoid that by picking one pattern for one part of your outfit. For example, pick block print suits with vertical stripes and pair them with leggings in single colours, preferably contrasting colours, to create a stunning look.

Rule 4: Never Over Accessorise

We get it; there are numerous variations of accessories and fashion jewellery available to choose from. But is it the right choice to wear more than one statement jewellery with your traditional attire? No. Even though it may seem like the more bling you add to your look, the better, it is the opposite. Statement jewellery has its personality, and wearing a statement necklace with statement earrings and a statement bracelet will overwhelm your look and affect the result. Especially when accessorising a party wear suit for women, which are already full of bling with their details, embroidery, or embellishments. So the best way to accessorise your look is to pick one statement piece of jewellery and keep everything else to a minimum.

Rule 5: Follow the 3 Colour Rule

One of the most followed rules of fashion is the 3-colour rule. The premise of this rule is that you can and should combine only three colours in your choice of outfit, traditional or modern. But this can become confusing if you are unaware of the different colour families. So the best way to make this trick work is to choose colours with undertones of the same colour family. For example, some combinations can be Teal Blue, Coral Pink, and Gold combined, Burgundy Red, Beige, and Olive Green combined, or Navy Blue, White, and Mustard Yellow combined. Pairing colours like this with a women's party wear suit, and you are good.

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