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Channel Your Inner Bollywood: A Guide to Recreating Celebrity Traditional Looks

Celebrity style has always been a point of attraction, from the dazzling sarees glimmering in the camera flashes to the intricate, heavily embroidered lehengas. Every traditional wear donned by a celebrity looks refined in a mesmerizing way to the beholder. And rightfully so, since they are styled to perfection to achieve that effect. However, those stunning outfits are more than just about glamorous fashion; they are a vibrant expression of the Indian heritage. And thus, they are not reserved for the celebrities only. With a handy guide like this and some smart choices, you can create your celebrity-inspired looks with minimal effort and maximum splendor. Let us find out how:

Recreating Celebrity Looks: A Guide

Scrolling through the news one morning, you stumble upon a picture of a celebrity at a wedding event. She’s wearing a regal designer anarkali suit with complementing hair and makeup that captures your attention. You wish to create a similar look for yourself. But how do match the sheer glamour of the attire without breaking the bank? By recreating the look with different pieces. Here's a step-by-step guide on how:

Choose Your Inspiration:

Just because a celebrity looks magnificent in a traditional outfit does not mean a similar style would complement you and look just as good. The best option is to find a celebrity with a body type and style that matches yours.

Sourcing the Outfit:

The next step is to search, search, and search more. Figure out what you want and look for them in the top places. Chances are you will find a similar-looking outfit for a much more reasonable price. Once you've secured the outfit get it tailored to fit you to create an enthralling fitted silhouette.

Jewellery and Accessories:

Recreating an attire is all about finding your desired outfit and then styling it as you wish. But if you want an exact copy of your favourite celebrity look, then scour popular jewellery and accessories retailers for a near-perfect match if not exact, at a lower rate.

Hair and Makeup:

Your hair and makeup should always depend on how you look in traditional clothing and not how someone else looks in it. So once you have the outline of your perfect attire, whether it is an Anarkali suit party wear or an embellished saree, choose the hairstyle and makeup that would complement it the most.

Popular Celebrity Inspirations:

Wedding and Festive Style Inspiration

Deepika Padukone is one of the most influential figures in the industry right now. From her top-notch acting skills to her ability to look majestic in a saree, as well as a cotton kurti set with dupatta, Deepika is an inspiration in the true sense. You can recreate her outfits for the perfect blend of elegance and high fashion for weddings and festivals.

  • Recreate her opulent Cannes look in a white Chiffon Saree with big Ruffles and bring the ensemble together with bold collars and heavy embellishments in your blouse. Complete the fit with statement jewellery like a pair of heavily studded earrings. The perfect look for receptions and engagement ceremonies.
  • Complement festive vibes in a pastel Organza Saree paired with a high-neck sleeveless blouse. Add glam with statement tear-drop earrings.
  • Draw inspiration from her movie Chennai Express and find an Ivory and Gold Striped Silk Saree to create a stunning visual aspect. Add the finishing touch with a statement necklace and a pair of earrings for the ultimate traditional attire.

Comfortable Style Inspiration

Known for her effortless elegance in combining comfort with style, Anushka Sharma is a top contender for inspiration in creating the most sophisticated ensembles. She can elevate a simple kurti set and make it look graceful with her charming appeal. Here’s how to recreate some of her looks:

  • Although pastels work wonders, there is no match for a kurta set in jewel tones. Draw inspiration from a recent movie promotion outfit and create the perfect look for your best friend’s wedding, with a purple kurta set. Adorned with delicate golden floral embroidery that creates a stunning visual appeal with their contrast. Add the oomph with bold statement earrings.
  • To create a comfortable look, the best option is to pick white. A colour that Anushka swears by for formal and casual events alike. Look for white Chikankari kurta sets, ivory full-sleeve kurta, or an all-white party wear suit for women, and you are all set. Complete the outfits with minimal jewellery to create an elegant and comfortable look in one.

Elegant Style Inspiration

The former Miss World, Aishwarya Rai is the epitome of sophistication and grace. Her style exudes elegance and is the center of attention for any event she is a part of. Some of her most noteworthy public appearances have been in exquisite Anakalis. And you too can add a touch of this Mughalian charm to your occasions and events by recreating some of her looks. Here’s how:

  • Simple is not the best option when you are trying to make a statement. Draw inspiration from one of her most regal looks and buy a white Anarkali dress online, one adorned with shimmering embellishments. The perfect ensemble for special occasions and important events.
  • This woman does glamorous as effortlessly as she does simple and casual. Much like that, you can opt for an Anarkali in single tones like pink, blue, red, etc. Pick these in minimal designs or embellishments to create a refined casual look, perfect for most events and outings.

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