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Glamorous Choices: A Guide To Your Dream Mehndi Outfit

Mehndi, also known as henna, is a paste that finds its roots in many parts of the world. A symbol of the most mesmerising patterns, Mehndi is known for bringing good luck and prosperity and warding off evil spirits. And that significance made its way into the Indian wedding scene as an ode to the bride-to-be’s transformation, backed by auspiciousness and good luck. And being true to our culture, we turned this occasion into a celebration. The Mehndi function serves as an event for a joyous celebration where friends and family come together to enjoy a day of fun. Amidst the joyous and traditional aspects of the event stands the mammoth task of finding the perfect bridal mehndi dress, for the bride’s ensemble is more than just an outfit - it is a reflection of her personality. In this blog, we take you through the different options you have for your mehndi dress and how to look breathtaking in them.

Mehndi Dress: What and How?

Although there are several outfits to choose from, there are only a handful of outfits that make for the perfect Mehndi attire. Let us take a look at them one by one.

The lehenga supremacy

Let's face it, an Indian wedding is incomplete without a lehenga. Whether it is the bride-to-be’s ensemble, a bridesmaid, or a preppy guest with a knack for fashion, a lehenga will always be part of the show.

But the bride-to-be must be the centre of attention, and to make that happen, the choice of lehenga needs to be just as glamorous. Here are some variants you can invest in:

Classy Look:

A classy choice of lehenga would be a green, purple, or yellow number, adorned with contrasting embellishments. Paired with choker necklaces and embroidered potlis.

Pastel Look:

Pastels are a must-have for any wedding season. Think of a powdered blue, mint green, or peach lehenga with complementing floral designs and minimal accessorising.

Embellished Look:

The best ethnic wear for women is anything that is heavily embellished. Lehengas in purples, reds, greens, and pinks look ethereal with heavy embellishments, especially when paired with statement earrings and embroidered juttis.

Fun Look:

The best way to stray from the traditional path is to invest in a mismatched lehenga, which is obviously from the same colour family. Give that a quirky touch with floral jewellery, statement earrings, and clutches.

The Opulent Saree

Indian occasions are complete when ladies look gobsmackingly graceful and enchanting in a saree, not just at a wedding. Sarees are the single most integral part of the Indian ethnic wear tapestry, so it is imperative to include them on this list. Here are some eye-catching styles for your Mehndi ceremony.

Classy Look:

Create a classy look with colours like muted gold or champagne in organza or georgette and pair it with statement earrings, clutches, and heels for a visual impact.

Pastel Look:

Pastel sarees are a sight to behold. Create a delicate yet fascinating look with colours like blush pink and powdered blue paired with floral jewellery and heels.

Embellished Look:

Nothing is better than an embellished saree in a light colour palette paired with statement jewellery and a matching pair of heels.

Fun Look:

A fun look can be anything from bold motifs to ruffles and even pre-pleated sarees paired with statement jewellery and embroidered juttis.

Anarkali: the Mughal Excellence

Another top choice for many events is an Anarkali suit; perfectly embodying everything graceful, regal, and charming. This is an outfit that allows the bride to look ethereal and bring forward an unmatched charm through her Mehndi outfit. Here are some types to take into consideration:


Anarkalis are classy themselves, and to harness that power, choose jewel tones like emerald, ruby, or even purple in velvet or silk adorned with intricate thread work. Pair with statement jhumkas and matching clutches.


A heavy Anarkali suit adorned with embellishments like sequins, beads, or crystals, might sound difficult to carry, but they appear twice as mesmerising. Allow the decorations to shine on lighter colour palettes with contrasting designs, and pair them with minimal jewellery and simple clutches.


Create a fun look with Anarkalis that showcases bold prints or multiple colours. Bring the look together with funky statement jewellery and clutches.

The Oh So Modern Palazzo Suit

There are only so many options when it comes to dresses for Mehndi function in the traditional Indian clothing tapestry. But with the introduction of contemporary styles and designs, some brides choose new-age outfits for themselves. One such is the Palazzo Suits set.

A Palazzo suit set is typically a pair of wide-legged pants with either a kurta for a top or sometimes a crop top for added oomph.

Kurta Top:

A kurta top with palazzo pants looks refined and classy. Find a palazzo suit with a kurta in shades like yellow, green, blue, or even purple. Ensure they are embellished with details like sequins, intricate embroidery, or mirror work. Pair these with floral jewellery or statement earrings, along with potlis and a matching pair of flats.

Crop Top:

Chic, modern, and extremely contemporary, a crop top with your palazzo pants allows you to create a flawless and modern look for the new-age bride. Pick coordinated sets with simple decorations or prints. Pair with statement earrings, maybe even a belt with embellishments, and don't forget to add the kala chasma (sunglasses) for the ultimate Bollywood vibe.

The Sharara Grandeur

Another refreshing alternative to the lehenga, a cousin of the Palazzo suit set, the sharara offers a unique modern flair to your Mehndi outfit. A sharara, characterised by a top that flares out from the waist below and a wide-legged pant that flares out at the bottom, is a fun choice for a mehndi dress.

These are generally embellished, and the perfect one would be a green dress for mehendi function with golden embroidery or details that make it look even better. Pair that with a tassel, pearl-drop statement earrings, crystal chokers, or embroidered potlis for the best effects.

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