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How to Style Your Cotton Printed Dupatta With Different Outfits

Let’s say, you have been invited to a get-together, and the theme is traditional with a twist of modernity. However, after pondering it, you realise that you only own either full sets of traditional kurtas or contemporary jeans and tops. How, then, will you master the theme? With an impeccable fashion sense and the art of mixing and matching. You pick the most vibrant kurta from your traditional collection and pair it with chic denim jeans from your contemporary collection, and you have your fusion.

This brings us to an unassuming clothing article that was once a crucial part of a woman’s wardrobe and has now transformed into an indispensable accessory: the dupatta, or the Odhni. A dupatta, especially a cotton one, has the innate ability to fuse with many traditional and contemporary outfits. This article will explore some of the outfits that a cotton-printed dupatta compliments.

Styling Your Outfits With Chunni

Dupattas have long been the epitome of grace and modesty. A simple piece of fabric holds so much elegant power that designers had to develop different types of dupattas so women could have options. The best one, however, is a cotton dupatta, since apart from being comfortable and lightweight, they can also be paired with various outfits. Let us find out about them:

#1 Styling with a Saree

‘Do cotton dupattas and sarees even go together? The pairing sounds rather unconventional…’ They certainly pair, and pair well. Imagine the regality and sheer elegance of the saree paired with the sophisticated and graceful aura of the dupatta. You will find that the pairing opens up a world of styling possibilities and helps you create a strikingly classy look.

Tip: To achieve the best effect, pleat your cotton printed dupatta and then drape it over the shoulder opposite the pallu. For a better pairing, match the prints in your cotton dupatta with the colours of the saree or pair a subdued dupatta with an intricate and heavily embellished saree and vice versa.

#2 Styling With Kurti Sets

A kurti set is an indispensable part of our wardrobes. Thanks to the comfort and convenience they provide on their own, we seldom think of pairing them with dupattas. But pairing a Kurti set with a cotton printed dupatta only adds a depth of charm and character to your outfit. This pairing effortlessly intermingles casual style with redefined elegance, allowing you to express your style with every pairing.

Tip: Pair a vibrant, intricately printed cotton dupatta with a subdued or muted kurti and leggings set. Additionally, drape a simple but bright cotton dupatta over both shoulders and let it flow loosely over a contrastingly coloured kurti set and vice versa for the best results. A one-shoulder drape that allows the dupatta to flow also looks elegant and beautiful.

#3 Styling With Anarkali Suit Sets

An Anarkali is reminiscent of the elegant and regal courts of the Mughal era, exuding timeless elegance. Pairing an Anarkali with printed dupatta cotton adds to the charm and makes it even more exquisite to beholders.

Tip: Pair a cotton dupatta whose prints echo the ones on your Anarkali, a complementing colour would look ethereal. Use a contrasting colour dupatta to create a visually appealing outfit and either opt for the double elbow drape from behind or the one-shoulder one.

#4 Styling With Lehenga Choli and Skirts set

When the festival is grand, one of the first outfits that comes to mind is the Lehenga Choli. A quintessential traditional clothing that is perfectly laced with cultural heritage. Adding a cotton-printed dupatta online can increase its splendid flair tenfold.

On the other hand, it is the contemporary cousin of the Lehenga Choli, the skirt and top sets. These give a modern twist to the traditional ghagra, are more comfortable to carry, and are elegant to the eye. They are also more convenient to wear to casual events and for day-to-day activities. These too look ethereal and much more traditional when paired with a cotton-printed dupatta.

Tip: For lehengas, the best pair of cotton dupattas would be ones that are intricately decorated and embellished and worn as a pallu, only secured by a waistband. For a skirt set, a more laid-back and simple cotton dupatta would make a charming addition when worn as a cowl.

#5 Styling with Jeans Sets

On the more contemporary side of things, one modern clothing item women swear by is jeans. They are convenient and comfortable and come with pockets. Jeans are so versatile that they are accepted as a clothing choice in formal and casual settings alike. Pairing your favourite jeans with a cotton-printed dupatta creates a bridge of fusion between traditional and contemporary styles while elevating your outfit to a sophisticated level.

Tip: Drape a colourful and vibrant cotton printed dupatta in a loop around your neck or loosely hang it on one shoulder, paired with a white top and your favourite jeans. Additionally, always opt for a dupatta that complements your outfit's colour palette.

#6 Styling With Palazzo Suit Sets

The It-girl outfit and trendsetting combination of modern clothing, the Palazzo set, is better paired with a crop top for all grand and glamorous events. This combination skillfully blends chic sophistication with comfort. Pairing such a set with a cotton-printed dupatta, whether for a casual gathering or a festive celebration, transforms your outfit into a statement of cultural richness and modern trendiness.

Tip: Find a cotton printed dupatta that compliments your Palazzo set, preferably in contrasting colours. Make it stand out by draping it like a pallu and securing it with a waistband, or by draping it like a cape over your shoulders.

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