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7 Dupattas Online That Can be Perfect For Every Occasion

For women on the go, ethnic clothing in contemporary styles is a boon. And for women who heavily rely on kurtas, kurtis, and salwar kameez as the ultimate go-to attire, the addition of a dupatta only means leveling up the overall appeal of the outfit. A dupatta, more locally called chunni, has been the epitome of grace and modesty since time unknown. Today, it is an indispensable part of the modern woman’s wardrobe.

However, designers knew that one type of dupatta would never hold out for the interest of the masses. This is why there are several varieties of dupattas available that you can use to complete your ensemble for every occasion. Let us find out about them:

Types of Dupattas for Women

Fashion does not have to mean extravagance. Fashion can be simple yet look equally ethereal and beguiling to onlookers. To give them something to be in awe of when you decide to look your best, here are 7 types of dupattas, perfect for creating the best outfit for any occasion.

#1 Silk Dupatta Online

When we think about luxurious fabrics or clothes, the first one that comes to mind is undoubtedly silk. The lustrous sheen and the oh-so-smooth touch make it versatile for high-end or glamorous events. If sophistication is what you seek in your look, then silk dupattas offer both sophistication and elegance effortlessly. The addition of a silk dupatta to your outfit helps create a contemporary look that also exudes elegance and luxury. Pair a bright silk dupatta with a cotton kurta set, or use a silk dupatta as an accessory and use the elbow drape from behind for gowns and long Anarkalis to create a fusion look.

#2 Velvet Dupatta

Perfect for winter festivities, velvet dupattas offer a plush texture and warmth. But don’t let the soft touch fool you into thinking it is a feeble fabric; velvet might be soft, but it is equally sturdy and glamorous looking. Cosier than layered clothing, a velvet dupatta can elevate your outfit and make it look opulent and luxurious while keeping you warm during winter events. Look for a deep-coloured velvet dupatta online and pair it with a lighter kurta set or lehenga choli. You can also add them to a saree look by draping them on the shoulder opposite the pallu to create a regal and classy look.

#3 Net Dupatta

Lightweight, subtle, and extremely versatile, a net dupatta can be found in multiple colours, styles, and designs. Plus, they are easy on your budget, making them the perfect choice for adding to any glam event ensemble. The sheer quality of these allows for proper justice to their embroidery or sequins to be showcased, when draped loosely on both shoulders. With net dupattas, subtle elegance becomes easy, as they may look unassuming, but they can elevate your look with feminine allure pretty effortlessly.

#4 Chiffon Dupatta

A fabric that is lightweight enough to flow in the wind without any extra effort is chiffon. A chiffon dupatta is lightweight, sheer, and organic, perfect for warmer weather. These dupattas look heavenly in pastel and lighter colours, especially when draped in a cascading manner to recreate the flowing-in-the-air scenes. Buy dupatta online and pair it with minimalistic jewellery and a kurta set that is slightly darker in shade than the dupatta to create a striking outfit.

#5 Georgette Dupatta

Georgette dupattas are versatile and easy to drape, making them a top choice to complete your outfit for various occasions and events. They are also usually heavier than chiffon, as they often feature much more details and embellishments. This means that they are more compatible with elaborately decorated outfits with sequins, embellishments, embroidery, etc. Pair them with statement jewellery when the outfit is simple. Or use minimalistic jewellery when the outfit is dazzling and heavily embellished.

#6 Block Print Dupatta

One of the most exquisite creations of the traditional fashion industry is the block print dupatta. These pieces of fabric hold the most skillful works of craftsmen from around the country. From floral motifs to intricate designs, a pure cotton dupatta with block prints adorning it is a must-have in your wardrobe. These dupattas have the innate quality of effortless elegance and when paired with solid colour kurta sets, they can create a striking look that focuses on the excellence of the dupatta only. Whether your block-printed dupatta has bold prints or is fine, the best way to make it shine is to pair it with clothes that will work as a canvas to showcase its beauty.

#7 Pashmina Dupatta

Pashmina is a fabric generally made with premium wool. Hailing from Kashmir, this dupatta is warm and perfect for the colder months. They are luxuriously smooth and feel exquisite to the touch, which increases their appeal tenfold. They are attributed to all types of luxurious and regal feel owing to their touch and feel. A pashmina dupatta is the perfect addition to your attire when you wish to add a touch of razzle dazzle to your outfit but still keep it looking sophisticated and elegant. Drape it on your arm and allow it to fall naturally, or wrap it around your shoulder for the best warm effects.

At Kahva, we offer an exquisite collection of cotton dupatta online. They are adorned with the mesmerising art of handblock printing, which showcases the excellent craftsmanship found in every corner of the country. These dupattas, along with a stunning collection of ethnic wear, are all you need to channel your inner traditional fashion enthusiast who still wishes to embrace modernity.