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Sartorial Perfection: The Art of Mastering Kurti Styling

Timeless, classic, comfortable.

Yes, you guessed it right, we are indeed talking about kurtis. As many moons passed, we noticed a change in kurti styling. From what we knew as traditional attire, it slowly emerged into the Indian fashion scene, made its way into global fashion, and brought about an upheaval in the way we not only wear kurtis but how we look at them.

It’s no longer just a traditional attire. You can wear it anywhere, from work to family gatherings, and even go dancing in them (Remember Anushka Sharma in the Breakup song?). With a change in the outlook of the attire, styling has also changed.

Today, we are here to shed some light on how you can nail the perfect kurti look, every time.

Styling vs Wearing

Standing in front of the mirror, you gaze at your reflection; you are wearing your favourite block print kurti. However, something feels missing.

Perhaps it is the bottoms that don’t complement the kurti, or is it the hairstyle that does not go well with it, you wonder.

We are here to tell you that it is neither, your hair looks stunning as it is, and the bottoms, as long as they complement your kurti, are perfect as they are. The missing link, however, is the styling.

You can wear any garment of your choice, but what really makes a difference is how you style it.

A jacket, a statement jewellery piece, an embellished clutch, or a pair of embroidered juttis the addition of anything like these to complete your look and create a stunning ensemble is called styling.

Styling the Right Way

Let us take you through the six most popular and quintessential styling trends for kurtis that anyone can master.

The Choice of Bottoms

One of the best ways to style your kurti is by experimenting with the bottoms you pair it with.

Contemporary fashion has very few naysayers, which means you can get creative without the fear of criticism.

To create a fun and chic ensemble, we suggest pairing your favourite a-line kurta with bottoms like jeans, cigarette pants, skirts, or leggings.

Each of these choices pairs well with a kurti set, depending on the type of look you aim to create.

Layering it up

Granted, layering is fun when the weather is cold, but to layer up in the summer? In scorching heat? Yes, and it can be fun too.

Think of cotton kurtis when trying to style by layering in the summer. These are lightweight and breathable and won’t make you uncomfortable.

Pair them with a sheer shrug, long if the kurti is long for an ethereal look, and short if the kurti is short for a modish look.

Denim jackets for slightly colder weather and trench coats with dupattas as scarves for an added touch of glam in freezing weather.

Cotton Jaipuri kurtis are an equally great choice for a base when layering up in the summer.

Accessorising Thoughtfully

Kurtis are very versatile as they are; they can transition between events and from daytime attire to nighttime ones. But to do that, sometimes they need the extra addition of accessories.

So when your kurti is simple, with fewer embellishments or designs, look for complementing statement jewellery. Statement necklaces for evening events, dainty pendants or studs, and small hoop earrings for daytime ones.

While a classy wristwatch goes a long way, especially for professional settings like the workday or a meeting, you can also opt to add elegant and simple clutches.

Dress Your Feet

Footwear is like clothes for your feet, they can help style your kurti look and make it even more glamorous.

For instance, wearing sneakers with your kurti attire has recently gained popularity as a trend. A straight kurta for women looks classy when paired with sneakers.

This combination is practical, and comfortable and adds a level of chic splendour to your ensemble.

Apart from that, an array of sandals and flats are available to add to your daytime outfit choice.

On the other hand, you can use your trusty pair of stilettos to add some razzle dazzle to your kurti look for night events.

Mix and Match

Kurtis comes in sizes big and small, vibrant colours, varying silhouettes, and mesmerising designs.

These choices provide an opportunity to mix and match; colours with patterns, small motifs with big ones, contrasting with complementing designs, etc.

A kurti with elaborate designs can be paired with a solid-coloured bottom in the same colour family.

Furthermore, it is imperative to ensure that the prints on your bottoms (if any) are comparatively smaller than the ones on your kurti, to avoid overwhelming your look.

Opt for monochromatic sets in darker shades to create a mystical look.

Master the Drape

A decade ago, if you were told that the long piece of fabric that comes with your suit set as a sign of modesty, would become a pivotal fashion accessory, you would have revolted.

Today, you can use a dupatta to create an ensemble worth taking a second look at.

The key to mastering the drape is to learn the different types of drapes you can make.

From the casual one-shoulder drape to the one across both, and from the front open drape to the pinned-to-the-waist one, there are a handful of drapes you can master and use to elevate your simple kurti look to something haute couture.

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