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Top 5 Trending Kurta Sets With Dupattas For Ladies

Bringing your A game to the table has become an indispensable drive of our lives. As a modern woman, navigating through the hustle-bustle of our daily lives, you hardly ever leave a stone unturned. So, why should style take a backseat?

When you dress up, it brings about a certain confidence and feel-good factor along with it. And that’s a feeling that you should hold on to, every time you want. If you are someone who likes to create your own rules of fashion, you need to amalgamate the traditional with the modern, the trendy with the classic; and for that, a deep understanding of what’s trending is a must.

Today we will look at one of the most traditional yet contemporary pieces of clothing that is definitely there in every modern woman’s wardrobe. Yes, you guessed it right - we are talking about ethnic kurta sets. And when you pair it with dupattas, there are oh so many styles you can create.

So, what’s on the front page of fashion for kurtis and dupattas? Let’s find out. As a bonus, we have some styling tips too.

#1 Printed Kurta Sets For Women

If there was a competition of trendiness between a simple monochrome kurta set and a printed kurta set, then undoubtedly the printed ones would win. Why? Simply because there are so many varieties that look uber-trendy, especially when paired with a complementing dupatta.

A printed kurta set can look anything like an A-line set with a dupatta featuring florals for summer and spring; a straight-cut set featuring geometric or abstract patterns for a touch of classy modernity; an Anarkali set with a dupatta featuring subtle yet elegant prints that express regality, and many others.

Styling Tip:

A printed kurta set with dupatta needs its time in the spotlight. To not overwhelm the look, pair your printed set with statement earrings and sport a simple but charming hairstyle that complements the look.

#2 Colour Block Ethnic Kurta Sets

These types of kurta sets usually feature two or sometimes more contrasting colours that are strikingly alluring to the eyes, especially with a complementing dupatta. The colours are used as blocks on the clothing, creating a modern canvas for self-expression.

Contrasting colour pairs like black and pink, purple and red, black and white, black and green, and blue and white make the best colour block kurta sets, especially when added with a dupatta.

Styling Tip:

Minimal accessories are the way to go with these kinds of kurta sets, since the contrasting colours themselves are bold, they command attention without much effort. Pair these with single-coloured bottoms and complementing dupattas, and earrings like hoops or studs will do the trick.

#3 Asymmetric Kurta Sets

Style is a vast spectrum, and when it comes to a modern kurta set for women, one of the most contemporary variations, one that screams modern style and innovation is the Asymmetric Kurta set.

It might appear as a normal kurta set without much to be given credit for, but when noting the hemline, the asymmetric nature of it steals the show and makes it vogue to the utmost levels when added with the charm of a dupatta. Chic and modern, an asymmetric kurta set with a dupatta can feature prints or just different colours and look equally ethereal.

Styling Tip:

An asymmetric kurta is all about its hemline, so opt for a statement necklace or earrings to create a dazzling look. Opt for either one of the jewellery pieces and never two statement ones together.

#4 Layered Women Kurta Set

Layers have always been a classy and fun concept. This is why, when the time came to think of innovating a new type of women Kurti set, designers came up with the layered one with dupattas.

The type of kurta that usually features many layers in contrasting colours or patterns, a layered kurta set is all you need to elevate a simple look to an elegantly classy one with the addition of a complementing dupatta.

Styling Tip:

Glamorous as they are on their own it is easy to overwhelm the final look of the outfit by adding too many accessories. So the best option is to keep accessorising to a minimum with a dainty and small pendant if necessary or a pair of statement earrings only.

#5 Embroidered Straight Kurta Sets

There is a charm about embroidered kurta sets for women with dupattas, which makes them so irresistibly delicate for appreciation and yet completely in tune with the fashion scenarios to be ignored. From exquisite floral motifs to paisley, traditional designs, and abstract designs, embroidery whether done by hand or machinery on clothing, looks equally exquisite on its wearer.

The best part about an embroidered kurta set is that they are extremely versatile; if they are simple and moderately embroidered with complementing colours, added with a dupatta, they can be used for formal occasions and events. If they are heavily embroidered and have a contrasting but eye-catching appeal, they can be used as festive kurta sets for various special occasions.

Styling Tips:

These kurta sets with dupattas have ample feminine and delicate charms to behold. So it is best not to add too many heavy or modern statement accessories. Instead, opt for traditional earrings like Jhumkas or a bohemian neckpiece at the most.

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