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Shopping Traditionals Online: Are You Doing It The Right Way?

The Indian ethnic clothing tapestry is laden with exquisite clothing, woven with the threads of culture and tradition. There was a time when these were reserved for only special occasions, but as time passed, they became more of an integral part of the Indian fashion scenario. Today, Indian women cannot imagine a wardrobe devoid of a collection of traditional clothing. Mix that with the convenience of online shopping, and you have a heavenly match. With the advent of e-commerce, almost everything is now accessible. From food to furniture, things are available at the tap of a finger. However, online shopping for ethnic clothing can be complicated if you are not careful with the details. In this blog, we will guide you through the online world of Indian ethnic wear shopping so you can make informed decisions.

Traditional vs. Contemporary

Sitting in your parent’s bedroom, you have watched your mother get ready for a ritual on countless occasions. You noticed how she chose a vibrant article of clothing each time: a beautiful Banarasi saree, adorned with intricate brocade work, sometimes a Salwar Kammez, or an opulent Anarkali. She looks ethereal in them, and you realise there is so much beauty in this type of clothing. The best ethnic wear for women, Indian clothing, is known for its timeless elegance, intricate style, and deep-rooted cultural significance.

On the other hand, as a modern woman who is always on the go, you find yourself drawn to a more comfortable, laid-back, and contemporary style. One that is traditional yet stylish. Be it a Kurta set or an A-line suit, any Indian ethnic clothing tweaked with modern, delightful designs and silhouettes is the new age edit of the traditional ones.

Tips for a Successful Online Shopping Experience

Online shopping for ethnic clothes can be an exciting experience. But with access to vast ranges of colours, designs, and craftsmanship, it is easy to get overwhelmed. To ensure a satisfying online shopping experience, there are certain pointers that you need to arm yourself with before embarking on the journey.

Size is Important

The USP of online shopping is that it is digitally powered, convenient, and can be done from anywhere. That, however, is also a minus point when shopping for clothes. It is virtual, so you don’t get to try them on. But you need to ensure that the clothing fits. Not too loose that it hangs on your frame, nor too tight that it ends up suffocating you. The best way to ensure your clothing fits you is to start by taking your measurements first, then refer to the size chart that every platform offers and pick the size that matches yours.

Read Reviews and Ratings

Human nature is to believe evidence-based facts, so when a friend recommends a product, we are most likely to consider buying it. This is why, to help a fellow shopper, many other shoppers leave valuable reviews and ratings on products. Whether you are shopping for a saree or a salwar kameez, these reviews act as feedback and offer insights into the overall satisfaction level of the product. Look for detailed reviews about the fabric, colour, appearance, appeal, etc.

Look For Quality Assurance

Would you rather have many low-quality items or a few high-quality ones? This is why no one ever said quantity over quality; Prioritise quality when shopping online and look for product descriptions on the website. Check if the descriptions answer questions like, What fabric is used? Does it have any certification of authenticity? Does it have any collaborations with artisans? This information will help you discern the actual value of the attire and invest in a well-crafted piece.

Stick to a Budget

It is best to stick to a predefined budget. Start by researching the price range according to the type of ethnic clothing you are shopping for. Whether it is Jaipuri suits you seek or Kanjivaram sarees, every category has its price range. Once you find the perfect piece, inspect it for quality, and you are good to go.

So whether you are new to online shopping or a seasoned pro, these tips will be handy.

Popular Traditional and Contemporary Styles

Now that you understand how to shop for ethnic clothing online, let us explore the most popular types of them, in both traditional and contemporary styles.


A crown jewel of Indian traditional clothing, the saree transcends occasions and is undefeated in the realm of graceful beauty. They make you look ethereal and are found in many designs and types.

Salwar Kameez:

A timeless staple, the salwar kameez combines the tunic (salwar) and a loose-fitting trouser (kameez). The simplicity of this attire offers comfort and style. Jaipuri cotton suits and the like, are the top choices for everyday wear and casual events.

Anarkali Suits:

This masterpiece, another crown jewel, allows you to time travel to the Royal Mughal Courts. Ever so elegant and graceful, the Anarkali is the best companion for any high-end event or occasion.

Palazzo Suits:

One of the most sought-after contemporary styles, the palazzo suit consists of the flowing palazzo bottom and the fitted kurta, which creates a chic but sophisticated look. A wardrobe essential, these suits are found in various fabrics and designs and are perfect for semi-formal events.

Dhoti Kurta:

The dhoti, with its draped silhouette, offers a unique take on traditional Indian attire. Paired with a kurta or top, this suit set creates a perfect blend of comfort and style.

At Kahva, we offer exceptional Indian traditional clothing flawlessly adorned with the timeless art of hand-block printing. Each of our block print kurti design has an aura of gracefulness and is made with the finest quality cotton, which makes you look and feel comfortable whenever you wear them.